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This page is designed to be a central "jumping off" point for people looking for information on making syrup from sweet sorghum and from sugar cane. The two types of syrup share many of the same processes and though both types of cane are grown in the southeastern region of the US, the syrupmakers are oftentimes not familiar with the methods of the other. Sweet Sorghum producers farther north and west are exposed to even less information on the process of making syrup from sugar cane. Even though both types of syrup have their diehard devotees, I feel that we can all learn from each other, if nothing more than learning the traditions behind the art of syrupmaking. Some of the resources I have gathered are shared by both types of syrupmaking, such as the cane mill pictures and catalogs. Some are related more to sweet sorghum, and some to cane syrup, so I have divided the links accordingly. If you have any sites that you think should be included here, or suggestions to make this site more useful, please let me know by contacting me at:

Ken Christison, Conway, NC

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