Saville #13 Conversion
Walter Vaughan, Baton Rouge.La

I just rigged my vertical mule powered mill up using a 4:1 right angle gear box and a 3:1 pulley system using v belts going to the mill itself.  I'll drive the gearbox with a flat belt. I used a 3 sheeve pulley on the mill and on the driving pulley. This all took place for under $100 but I had to do a lot of scrounging and some fanagaling to make it all happen. I wouldn't worry about shaft sizes, just find the pulleys and gearboxes you need and then have a friend with a lathe make you some adapters. In other words get the pieces, then make them fit.   You should be able to find a lot of this stuff at a scrap yard or surplus machinery place. Compressor pulleys work nice.  Good Luck!
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saville 1                   saville 2

saville 3